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ProIT on the Sprunkinit Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with my good friend Greg Sprunk on his podcast The Sprunkinit Podcast. We covered a number of IT topics from CRM and accounting software, to cloud based services and some common mistakes businesses make with their IT infrastructure. Give it a listen here, Greg is the owner of […]

Up-to-Date infographic

Spend less time on maintenance and more time on creation and innovation when you use #Microsoft #Azure SQL database. Its intelligent databases are always up to date with unique, built-in resource management and governance. Learn more with this infographic:

Now is the time for Microsoft Teams

As the working world is going remote, now is the time for Microsoft Teams. Meet with your peers and get work done anywhere – on the go, at the office, even from your living room couch. Check out how to collaborate and come together with this valuable infographic!

Secure Infographic

Learn why companies choose #Azure for unmatched security, from @Microsoft’s 90+ compliance offerings to 3,500 dedicated security experts. Check out this infographic and contact Professional IT Services LLC to learn more.

What is Teams?

Learn why you’ll have the best work collaboration with @Microsoft Teams Meetings and Calling. This video shows you all the features you need to bring your team together: