Since the start of 2019, there has been a marked increase in the amount of dangerous email arriving in most inboxes. I have calls on a daily basis inquiring about a suspicious email. Users have become more knowledgeable on how to identity these emails, but on occasion, someone will click a link that results in a couple of hours of cleaning their computer and verifying no other users were affected.

With most of my clients on Microsoft Office 365 email, I have found the built in Exchange Online Protection to work well, but with the increase of dangerous mail getting through, here are some options to help.

If your business is already using Trend Micro for anti-virus, we can add Hosted Email Security to your license. By leveraging Trend Micro’s cloud, you can add an additional layer of protection for your email.

Another option for those using Office 365, is Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. Very similar to Trend Micro, Microsoft has created a robust cloud based filtering system that is able to identify new threats by analyzing email links and attachments to determine if they are safe.

Both of these services analyze an enormous volume of email daily, and will quickly recognize patterns in the latest crop of dangerous email, allowing them to stop them from getting to your inbox.

No filter will be 100%, so training your staff to recognize these dangerous emails is very important. Having periodic meetings to review some common techniques these email use and showing your staff how to identify them can be a great help. In addition, we can craft a test to see if additional training is needed. Using Trend Micro’s Phish Insight, we can test your staff’s ability to recognize these dangerous emails.

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